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Making Changes ...Personal Safety

Finding an Appropriate Counsellor (PDF file)

When supporting people who are dealing with past or present violence, we may sometimes feel that we need to talk with someone. We may need a counsellor, therapist, elder or other professional to support us. And learners may likewise need someone besides us to talk to. We can be supportive, and keep the focus on learning, but learners may need to address their issues in another context. Finding someone to talk to yourself and helping others to find the right person to talk to will be a different process in different places, but here are some touchstones and tips to guide everyone seeking this kind of helper.

General Info

Find a shelter in Canada / The world

Shelter Stories    Hear stories about living in a shelter, see pictures and find answers to the questions that battered women entering a shelter might ask. (U.S. resource)

Safety plans ...and everything else.

Legal information for women in abusive relationships (information from Alberta, Canada)

211 is a three-digit phone number and website that provides information and referral to community and social services in Ontario, Canada.


Boostforkids Helping children understand abuse and how to deal with their feelings


Bursting the bubble (Australian resource): a place for teens to ask questions about abuse and to identify what’s okay in their families and what’s not

Shelternet teens helping teens understand relationship abuse.

Dating abuse answers and resources for teens.

Reach Out! is a web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times.


How to respond to someone who has been raped.

How to help someone who is being abused.

You are not the only one - Information and support around self harm

helpful article from the National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Legal information for women in abusive relationships (information from Alberta, Canada)

Wendo - Women's Self Defence


Disabled Women’s Network Ontario provides information, support and resources for disabled women being abused by their families.

Canadian laws and issues relating to immigrant women in abusive relationships.


A helpful article from the National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Becoming a mental patient offers a powerful description. It may help us think about the messages we give ourselves, and those others carry about us. Includes links to material about rights, protection and advocacy. Be inspired to stand up for yourself!


Access Alliance works to promote health and well-being and improve access to services for immigrants and refugees in Toronto, Ontario.

Access Alliance
Woman Abuse: a great teaching material for working with ESL learners on the issues.


Resources for refugees and refugee claimants. The literal assistance may be most relevant to Ontario residents needing referrals, but some of the pieces provide a more abstract overview of the legalities and difficulties inherent in migration.

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