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Making Changes


Many of the ideas on this site may remind you how urgently our societies need to change. Developing and deepening our understanding of non-violence is crucial to this change. Some may even want to go further, to promote anti-violence ideas, groups, and practices. Inside and outside learning spaces – in schools, community literacy programmes, workplaces, and in our personal lives – there is much we can do.

Below are some ways of learning about – and spreading the word about – anti-violence. There are groups to join, actions to participate in, and places to contact when you need help, or know someone else who needs help.

Some of these resources are geographically specific to Toronto, Canada. If you are far away, you can take these resources as examples of what might be happening near you, or of things other people have done that might inspire you to organize something similar in your area. Many of the links contained in this section, however, are global/general in scope, if you want to act.