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Iím a One on One Literacy Tutor

The entire learningandviolence website is aimed at you, and exists so you can explore all the issues in the connections between violence and learning. It offers ways of thinking about, approaching, and working with the things that arise from those connections. But as a tutor, you may need resources that address a specific pressing question, or even help articulating what your questions are. Below is a quick guide. 

…I’m feeling lost about…

♥ I’m just starting to think about violence and literacy – people around me (school, programme where I volunteer) have been talking about this kind of thing – I’m curious and starting to make some connections.

Take a look at:

♥ I think my learner may be currently experiencing violence in their personal life.


♥ I’m feeling anxious about my role with my learner. I’m not comfortable with how I am treating them, and/or how they’re treating me. We’re having trouble setting/articulating and respecting boundaries (they are bringing really heavy stuff to me that I don’t feel qualified to deal with, they are asking me for money, they are calling me at home, that kind of thing).

Look at:

♥ I get the sense that I don’t quite understand my learner’s “learning style” or “cognitive style”. I think things might work better if I presented material in different ways, but my knowledge of how to respond to different learning styles is limited.

Take a look at:

♥ Acknowledging/dealing with my learner’s issues with violence is making ME feel weird. I get wobbly or tense or nervous when we talk about it. It seems to be triggering either my own memories or I don’t know what.

Check out:

♥ We’re bored. I know there are lots of things yet to explore, but our sessions feel stuck/stagnant, and my learner I’m working with is becoming discouraged by being in this “plateau” phase for too long.

Take a look at:

♥ I don’t know how to move from talking about these themes, to working with them to teach writing.

Look at:

♥ The learner I’m working with is a refugee or newcomer who, it seems, has had traumatic experiences with migration. I’d like to better understand the issues they are facing.


♥ I’m feeling isolated, or disconnected from other tutors / I have a specific question that is not talked about on this website.

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