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Workshops and Classes

  • Introduction to the College Tool (Without Computers)
    When we don’t have the luxury of a full set of computers for participants to explore the college tool we can still introduce it. Ideally we will use a LCD projector and one computer to show the interactive version of the kit. But if this is not available the full PDF can be printed out and a print based version of the tool can be introduced instead. This workshop plan gives some ideas for how to get participants to begin to think about the issue and this tool.
  • Janus Gate
    Here is an innovative approach to dealing with life transitions. Created by psychodrama therapist Liz White, this exercise is a holistic way to foster a healthy sense of closure at the end of a course or program, when a staff person or volunteer is leaving, a tutor learner pair need closure, or at any other time to help people remember their strengths in a time of loss or change.
  • Facilitating a Workshop about Violence and Learning - by Brenda Squair
  • Workshop Plans to introduce the tools in Changing Education
    • Introduction to the College Tool and Student Kit – a 3 hour workshop plan designed for college staff in all roles. The plan includes using Webquests to introduce the 2 resources in pairs at computers.
    • Using the College Tool – a 3 hour workshop plan designed for college instructors to help them begin to use the Learning in the Classroom section of the College Tool to make changes to individual and department practices. Participants work together to develop ideas for action during this workshop.


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