Learning and Violence
Learning and Violence
What changes are happening? This section highlights new interactive resources to help us transform our institutional/educational contexts.
How can we improve teaching practice? Here is a wealth of materials to help you plan training for teachers and tutors and to strengthen your own teaching.
Where are people working on the issues of violence and learning? Find and connect to approaches and resources used in your community and around the world.
What resources are needed for effective teaching? Here you will find the essential building blocks for this work in the classroom, in community program settings, and in group and one-on-one learning.How big is the problem? How does violence set the stage for difficulties with learning? Here, students, educators and program administrators can start to make connections between violence and learning problems. What forms does violence take? How can we work for change? This section includes concrete ideas to address the many ways violence plays out in educational programs.How can we take care of ourselves while working, living, and learning in the shadow or presence of violence? Here, you can consider a range of self-care approaches and try out a few strategies. Come here whenever you need a change of pace.
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You can learn. Here you will find some things to think, feel, and do to support learning in the aftermath of violence. You will find strategies, nourishment and comfort, a place to learn how to do the most challenging work of your life.What are the impacts of violence on learning? Here, learners and educators can see, feel, and find words for the impacts to individuals as well as to society.
What do we know about teaching and learning? Here you will find holistic, innovative and traditional approaches which support learning in the face of violence.
A different world is possible! To build lives free of violence, we need to challenge and resist, as well as actively imagine and create other ways of being. We imagine what might happen if everyone could learn and teach in spite of violence. We wonder how that might change cycles both of learning failure and of violence. We dream of a different world…
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