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Spacing Out
Acting Out
Escaping into the mind
Lost hope and dreams
Bad, stupid, wrong, don't belong
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Missing school

The Impact of Violence on Learning


These reflections talk about the interweaving of different impacts of violence on learning and tell stories of learning journeys.


Students Reflect: Visual Tales
Some students in the Assaulted Women and Children’s Counsellor/Advocate Program at George Brown College took part in a research project where they reflected on the ways they saw violence had an impact on their own learning. Some of their words and visual creations are included here. Many more of their words are included to illustrate each impact.

Violence years
Violence years PDF file   Kari's Story PDF file
Reports (JPEG)    Fumi's Story PDF file
Thinking back
Thinking back (JPEG)  Marlene's Story PDF file
Collage (JPEG)  Asha's Story PDF file

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Finding Voice
Women from Glory House recovery home, Long Island, New York, created a video documenting a literacy class in which they were able to reflect on and write about their lives. Watch the video below:

Their writing is also posted online on the Women of Glory House blog.

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"Precious": learning and violence in the movies (PDF file - 118k)

A popular movie both has problems, and gives us a shorthand to talk about the impacts of violence on learning.

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I Remember, Now I Know (PDF file - 42k)

“I know
Sometimes I walk into the future looking backwards
Unable to see beyond my past.
I need someone to hold my hopes
…Like a child crossing the road…
As I write my Ph D thesis of self”

A reflection on the impacts of violence in the home and psychiatric institution.

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Our WordsI'm a Survivor, Not a Victim (PDF file - 28k)
“I am an Ojibway First Nations woman who had a very rocky start to learning about life.” A reflection on the impact of violence in the street.

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HIV/AIDS is a complex violence issue that has a huge impact on learning. It is a pandemic that is spread through the culture of violence. Those infected or affected by the disease are often treated violently and discriminated against. There are a myriad of traumatic experiences that result from this disease, the following links and stories reveal some of them.

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Easy to ReadSomeone I Love died: A book to help young people deal with death. (PDF file 4.6MB)
Young South African’s discuss the impact of HIV/AIDS on their lives and learning.

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Carol Coombe is an expert on education and HIV/AIDS in South Africa. In this article she discusses the impact of the disease on learning and provides recommendations for educators in South Africa. (PDF file - 506k)

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Video Watch Amplifying Voices: A Series of Digital Stories; The story of a young Zimbabwean girl orphaned by HIV/AIDS dealing with discrimination and struggling at school.

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