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Spacing Out
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Escaping into the mind
Lost hope and dreams
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The Impact of Violence on Learning

Lost hope and dreams

Violence leads many of us to give up having any hopes or dreams. We may stop believing that we have a future. Living with fear and shame may lead us to limit where we go, what we do, and what we imagine doing. If we don’t believe there is any future, there is not much point in working hard, or practising regularly, to improve our possibilities and choices in the future. Trauma researcher Lenore Terr found that traumatized students left school early, and did not believe they would live to adulthood.


Losing hopes and dreams can feel like this...

digital images by: Judy Murphy, Debbie Lifshen, Monica Rooney and Jenny Horsman

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Elizabeth’s Story

Going to school I always tried my best, received good marks but the proudness I did have was no longer there. My father made me feel so ashamed and hurt. I always ended up thinking and feeling: "Nobody is going to want to associate with me, with the kind of upbringing I have or had" (even though physical abuse was happening around me, to friends and families I grew up with). I noticed I lost my goal to make something of myself or even try to achieve graduation.

“Elizabeth’s Story” in Isolating the Barriers and Strategies for Prevention: A Kit about Violence and Women’s Education for Adult Educators and Adult Learners . Prepared by Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women, (1995)

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