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Spacing Out
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Escaping into the mind
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The Impact of Violence on Learning

Escaping into the mind

School Success

When we have been hurt we may run away from our bodies and feelings. Some of us escape into our minds and pay most of our attention to what we think. This may help us to succeed in education programs, but we may feel like frauds, or feel terrified of failing. We may pay a high price for ignoring our bodies with long-term health problems. We may feel split apart or fragmented. Author Sylvia Fraser called this the “severed head.” We may hurt ourselves in our attempt to be the perfect student.


Severed Head by Lena Richardson

Severed Head by Rosalind Penfold

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The Perfect Student:

The Perfect Student

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Students Reflect on Being a Perfectionist (PDF file - 25k)
Women in a research study wrote about school as an escape from the horrors of home. For some low grades were dangerous, for others perfection became a vital goal in itself.

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Sometimes we may go so far into our own minds that we become out of touch with the rest of the world. We may create our own world to live in. This may lead us to become involved in the psychiatric system, labelled with a mental illness. If we are hospitalized or just lost in our own world, we may not be able to participate in educational programs, or learn successfully if we do get access.