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Spacing Out
Acting Out
Escaping into the mind
Lost hope and dreams
Bad, stupid, wrong, don't belong
Not enough
Missing school

The Impact of Violence on Learning

Resources for Teachers and Students

Exercises and handouts for teachers and students to use alone or with a group, to explore and learn more about the impacts of violence on learning.

To DoImpacts exercise

ACTIVITY: Mapping the Evidence: Impacts of Violence and Learning - Preparing Your Thinking to Talk to Colleagues
from Take on the Challenge . Morrish, Horsman, Hofer . World Education © 2002

Here are some of the “most important sentences” people pulled out from their 5-minute free writes when participating in the Impacts exercise above.
- View the Powerpoint slideshow

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Making the Connections – for educators

What does it look like when these impacts play out in our classrooms and programs? What are some possible responses that would support successful learning?

Aimed at teachers and tutors of adult learners, these 6 leaflets each explore a different aspect of the impact of violence on learning, and offer things to think about and things to do to help everybody learn.

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