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Helping Yourself Learn cartoon strip

Student Kit

This interactive kit includes animations, activities, and resources to help you explore why you may find learning hard, and discover ways to help yourself learn.

Helping Yourself Learn

Believe In Yourself

It is hard to believe in yourself if others don’t, or sometimes even when they do. Although the opinions of teachers or loved ones matter; they really won’t hinder or help you as much as your own belief in yourself. Despite everything that has happened in the past and wherever you are on your journey, what moves you forward is the belief that you can take one more step. Nurturing a healthy belief in yourself is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself to learn.

“One day I realized that my baby steps, which seemed too small to count, had taken me across the universe.” Francesca de Grandis

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Encourage Yourself

Remember to tell yourself good things! You are amazing, by Roz Penfold

You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! I can do it! I can do it!

Illustration by Rosalind B. Penfold, author of Dragonslippers.

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Activity To Do Try some affirmations. (PDF file - 130k)

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Our WordsRead about what one literacy learner says to herself (PDF file - 12k)

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Activity To DoCalm your Mind (PDF file - 130k)
Visualization, positive-self talk, thought-stopping and meditation can all help us change our critical and anxious voice.

Chapter 5 from: Living with Stress by Judy Murphy. Edmonton: Grass Roots Press, 2005.

Watch a slide show (Powerpoint presentation)
These inspiring images show us the miraculous and everyday nature of women's strength and love.

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Hold Onto Hope

What helps you feel hopeful?
Do these pictures help you feel brighter or more hopeful?

Photos by Debbie Lifshen and Judy Murphy

* If you hold your cursor over a slide, it will not change to the next picture until you remove it.


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Mann ke manjeeré
Watch an inspirational video about gaining hope, strength and freedom in the face of abuse.

(From Breakthrough on Vimeo.)

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VideoOver the Rainbow
You could watch and listen to a song and video “Over the Rainbow.”Or check out other “inspiring” videos you can find on the internet.

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Be Gentle With Yourself

This picture might remind you to be gentle with yourself.

'Tenuous' by Judy Murphy
Tenuous by Judy Murphy

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