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When Taryn Green was a little girl she wished she looked like everyone else. Watch Triangle Girl

See the many faces of Lindsay Fisher: Watch First Impression

Watch Nice Day and live a day in the life of Pete and see how people react to him
(Includes ASL and captions).

A powerful music video where a young woman sings about self harm.

Questions of an Adopted Mother: A mother talks about how she tries to calm her child when she has nightmares.

Jeannine’s Story: A video about the cycle of domestic abuse. Sometimes healing means helping others.

Child Brides

Jaime’s Story: a story about domestic violence and addiction.

Love is Beautiful: Love is NOT Abuse

Talking about abuse and disability

Shirley’s Story: a deaf woman tells her story about Rape and HIV/AIDS.

Elizabeth’s Story: “All I wanted was to be listened to and cared for.”

Darshan’s Story: violence and racism.

A Mother's Battle: Agatha Joseph talks about prison conditions in the United States.

Mohammed’s Story: learning in the face of war.

Elizabeth Musonza tells the story of a young Zimbabwean girl orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

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